How to celebrate Mahashivaratri day


Is MahaShivratri on the 13th or 14th?

Mahashivaratri In a year. That is a day before noon, the darkest day of the month. This sugar daddy which falls in the month of Marga is known as the maha shiv. Because on this day. There is a phenomenal upsurge of energy. is the only festival really which is a night long, and keep so many people focused full night.
Difficulties who are at the show yoga center can receive a root drugs Prasad and surface will throw the little throw one of one lakh eight-foot rocks that have gone on the yogi over the last year, made of copper, the Sufi who

Thrasher is one on the left ring finger for stability and well being. For the first time ever, sub Guru is also offering Shivaya a pilgrimage to the William Garey foothills during the auspicious time of Marcia bra three devotees will be given a sadhana to receive the grace of

Shiva and can make the pilgrimage by various means by walk cycle of devotees can also undertake the are the yogi production of a powerful process, created by Satguru to become receptive to the grace of God.

Which is referred to as Mahashivaratri roughly similar three happens every 14 the day of the month. So generally, 12 to 13 Sci Betta threes happen in a year. See what are three is considered the darkest night of the month. But this particular Shiva three,
which happens in the month of the mother, is considered as a Mahashivaratri three, post-winter souls die, or from the beginning of winter Dinah.
This Mahashivaratri happens to be the day when many things shift concerning what happens to the planet. On this day, there is a natural upsurge of energy on the planet. This night is significant for that reason. Those are the yogic path.
There are various levels of a southerner for them. But, those of you who are not into any serious southerner. This is a simple thing you can do this night, you hold your spine upright so that you have a free ride Which Colour should wear on Shivratri?
That you did not do 365 days of sada. But on this one day. If you stay with your spine erect, you have immense benefit. The southern other would take a long time. The kind of attainment that would take a long time happens very quickly on this night,

Simply because there is a natural upsurge of energy, especially being in certain places on this night is very important for all of you who are at home watching TV, you keep your spine extra straight, because we have an advantage here.

We are at 11 degrees latitude Levon degrees not of the equator. Because of the tilt and the precision of the planet. At 11 degrees latitude. The upsurge of the centrifugal force that happens on the planet is nearly vertical. Mahashivaratri

This is the reason why many temples are dotted along the 11 degrees latitude starting from Chidambaram. We are here bang on 11 degrees. So everything is in your favor. The only thing is you have to stay awake. mahashivratri

Now, Mahashivaratri we have various musicians to keep you awake. We are mantras, we are sick we have meditations, above all, you are in the grace of our the yogi. The significance of this night is seen in many different ways, in the tradition.
The householders see this as the wedding anniversary of the ship on par with the that’s their way of seeing it. The ambitious once said as the day shava when questing all his enemies. That is their way of seeing it.
Yogi’s. Mahashivaratri And the other guys see it as the day when are the yogi became still so still that he merged with galosh for what he became as still as the mountain, and there was no difference between him and the mountain. So, on this day he became Miss Chela.

How many times MahaShivratri comes in a year?

So they are aspiring for that. There are many ways to look at this night. But the most important thing is that nature is with us. Now the yogi is with us. We should not miss the night. This is not just a night

Mahashivaratri of wakefulness. This must become a night of awakening for every one of you. Wherever you are in the world. This is a night of awakening, not just a night of wakefulness staying awake won’t be a problem tonight. I keep you awake.
Why this whole effort. One thing is, Marcia Bradbury. Another thing is why these are open. What is the significance today? Are we starting a new count? Are we out to create a new religion, or
are we. Once again, bringing back a legend to life. None of this. The significance of our yogi ease that he offered scientific solutions to every aspect of life’s problems and issues and possibilities.
Because the approach is so scientific. In this 15,000 years or more people only are overwhelmed by his presence, or well, overwhelmed by his teacher overpowered by his force, but did not really apply what he offered,

Mahashivaratri because it took humanity to mature into a certain state of intellect and logic, which we feel today. For the first time, humanity is getting into that place. In the sense, today for the first time in the history of humanity, more human beings can think for themselves.

I wonder just look back, hundred years 500 years thousand years how people were. a priest appended a Mullah guru, or a scripture thought for them. For the first time, a large number of people are beginning to think for themselves.

I think the time has come for the yogi to walk this planet, once again, because a scientific approach to human well being has gone. This is a force. Mahashivaratri This is a movement to shift humanity from religion defensibility looking up to looking at. So here we are.
There is a day for you to make the beginning that all solutions for human life here and beyond, are within ourselves. Because all problems on this planet, were created by us, and the solutions are obviously within us. So this might have sugar three times with you.

Whether you’re here or on the train or wherever else you are. If you are focused on one aspect. MahashivaratriThat is an awakening to the life that you are.

How can I go to mahashivratri at Isha?

Tonight is a day tonight is a time to blossom into a new possibility. Night means until the sun rises. Does everybody understand this? Hello. Those of you who have just used tonight parties by 1231 o’clock two o’clock you slip away,

Not like that night means night ends when the sun rises in the morning. Mahashivaratri So, till then we are on everybody.

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