The Energy Of The Sun Will Generate Electricity


The Energy Of The Sun Will Generate Electricity Scientists Have Been Searching For A Fuel That Has Been Able To Meet Our Energy Needs Without Damaging The Environment And The Human Body For A Long Time. This Discovery Of Scientists Is Seen To End On Nuclear Fusion.

 The Nuclear Fusion Process Is The Source Of Energy Of The Sun And Other Stars. When 2 Light Atoms Join The Nucleus To Form The Nucleus Of A Heavier Element, This Process Is Called Nuclear Fusion. 
If We Add 4 Atoms Of Hydrogen, One Atom Of Helium Is Formed. 

One Atom Of Helium Has Slightly Less Mass Than Four Atoms Of Hydrogen. A Decrease In The Mass Of Helium Is Returned As Energy. Scientists Have Been Trying To Unload The Fusion Reaction Done In The Sun For Many Years, To Generate Electricity. Of Course, 

This Goal Is Far Away, But The Huge Success Of Chinese Scientists In This Direction Has Raised Hopes. According To China’s Hefei Institute Of Physical Sciences, China Is Attempting To Create An Energy Source Similar To The Sun Through The Nuclear Fusion Process On Earth As Part Of Its Nuclear Development Program. 

The Energy Of The Sun Will Generate Electricity  Scientists Associated With This Project Have Claimed A Great Success That They Have Generated Temperatures Of 100 Million Degrees Celsius, 6 Times Higher Than The Surface Temperature Of The Sun, In The Nuclear Fusion Reactor Of China Institute Of Plasma Physics. 

This Temperature Was Kept Constant For About 10 Seconds. Such High Temperature And Pressure Are Necessary To Carry Out Nuclear Fusion. Until Now, Such A High Temperature Could Not Be Attained On Earth. The China-Made Experiment Reactor Diameter 8 M, Running In Anhui Province The Length Is 11 Meters And The Weight Is 400 Tons. 

The Reactor Is Named The Experimental Advanced Superconducting To Kayak (East). Plasma Is Heated In A Spherical Vessel At Reactor East, Established In Anhui Province, China. Magnetic Fields Have Been Used To Protect Its Walls From High Plasma Temperature. 

The Biggest Reason For The Criticism Of Reactors Based On Current Nuclear Fission Is The Generation Of Radioactive Waste Along With Energy. Fusion Reactors Generate Much More Energy Than Fission Reactors And Do Not Emit Any Radioactive Waste. 

Use Of Deuterium And Tritium As Fuel Chinese Scientists Artificial Fusion In Reactor East 2 Heavy Isotopes Of Hydrogen, Deuterium, And Tritium, Have Been Used As Fuel To Make Them Available. Hydrogen Is Present In Large Quantities In The Oceans Of The Earth, So There Will Never Be A Shortage Of Fuel For Nuclear Fusion. Deuterium Has One Neutron And Tritium Has 

2. The Energy Of The Sun Will Generate Electricity If There Is A Collision Between The Two, It Creates A Nucleus Of Helium And In This Process Energy Is Released. In The Future, This Energy Will Be Used To Run The Turbine, Which Will Generate Electricity. However, It Cannot Be Said Now How Much Time Will Take To Mature 

This Process. Currently, According To Estimates, It Will Takes Another 10-15 Years. Certainly China’s Nuclear Fusion Program Will Prove To Be An Important Step In Addressing The Energy Crisis And For Global Development.

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