Robots will work in future humans


Robots will work in future humans Artificial humans were conceived in the Hollywood film ‘Blade Runner’ in the 1980s, 39 years ahead of their time, i.e. in 2019. At the moment, it is not yet done, but Hiroshi Ishiguro, a robot scientist at a secret research institute in western Japan, is working on a technology that can blur the difference between man and machine. Robots will work in future humans  Ishiguro predicts that future robots will be highly intelligent, alert and helpful. They will behave like humans and they can also become their friends.
Study on motives and desires
Osaka University professor Ishiguro has said, he doesn’t know when ‘Blade Runner’ will come true, but believes that it will happen … Every year we are developing new technology, such as Deep Learning that has been able to identify patterns Capacity is improved. Robots will work in future humans Now we are working on intentions and desires. If we could bring them into robots, they would become more humans.
Capable of everything.
In Japan, robots are already being used extensively in all works ranging from cooking to taking care of patients. Robots will work in future humans There are such robots in use which are capable of walking patients in wheelchairs. Scientists are confident that service robots will one day help in all the household chores, from picking up garbage to preparing delicious toast…

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