Himalayas Glaciers Melting


The Latest Survey, They Have Claimed It That The Hailstorm Is Causing Damage To The Himalayas Because Of An Increase In The Hills. Because Of The Increasing Temperature, Large Quantities Of Himalaya’s Six Hundred Glaciers Have Been Floating. 

The Melting Speed Of The Glaciers Has Doubled. People Are Reaching The Hills In Such A Large Number That There Is A Danger That Has Created The Situation. The Melting Speed Of The Glaciers Has Doubled. 

According To The Research, The Glacier Is Decreasing By 10 Inches Per Year From 1975 To 2000, But From 2000 To 2016 It Has Decreased By 20 Inches Per Year. Nearly 8 Billion Water Is Being Discharged. 

Researchers At The University Of Columbia University’s Finance Institute Have Researched The 40-Year-Old Pictures Taken From The Satellite And Researched That They Took The Images From Another Of The American Detective Satellite. 

The Survey Report Says That This Picture Of Himalaya 650 Glaciers Falling In The Part Of India, China, Nepal And Bhutan Has Been Recently Claimed By The Nepal Government To Melt The Glacier Of The Himalayas Faster, On The Other Side, Including India.

Rapid Water Is Being Exploited In Other Nearby Countries. With This, The Water Level Is Going Down Significantly In The Earth. Because Of Lack Of Water On Earth, The Temperature Is Decreasing, Which Is Directly Impacting The Himalayas. 

It Is Being Reported That The Melting Of The Himalayas Will Increase The Water Levels Of The Sea. Which Will Directly Affect The Human Population? We Can Say This To See A Major Change In The Ecosystem Of Than Increase

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