Indian Army Himalayas Saw Snow Yeti Footprints

Yeti Footprints


Creature What Has Always Fascinated The Human Imagination It Is The Yeti The Two-Legged Massive A Black Animal Exists More On The Myths And Legends Than In Real Life But A Series Of Pictures Released By The Indian Army Could Challenge 

That Belief During One Of Their Recent Mountaineering Expeditions Soldiers Spotted Large Mysterious Footprints In The Snow Close To Naples Makalu Base Camp The Army Claims That They Point To The Existence Of Yeti A Mysterious Ape-Like Creature That Lives In The Himalayas Yeti Was 

First Mentioned In The Nepal Folklore And Is Also Known As The Abominable Snowman It Is An Ape-Like Creature Taller Than An Average Human And Is Said To Inhabit In The Himalayas And Snow-Capped Regions Of Siberia Central And East Asia Yeti Is Also Referred 

To As Mated By The Locals Which Means Man Bear Yeti Is A Part Of The History And The Mighty Logy Of Nepal And Pre Buddhist Beliefs Followed By Several Himalayan People Even The Share Powers Who Stay In The Higher Mountainous Regions Of Nepal Always Believed 

In The Existence Of Yeti And Pass Down Stories Of The Snowman From One Generation To The Other In The 19th Century Yet He Also Became A Part Of The Popular Culture And Was Depicted In Films Literature Music And Video Games 

All The Initial Myths About Yeti Took A Definite Shape When Mountaineer Started Exploring the Himalayas Since The 1920’s Several Trained Mountaineers Ventured Into The Himalayas To Find Out More About This Creature They Came Up With Many Stories Of Yeti Sightings 

But Never With Any Concrete Evidence Of Its Existence But Some People Claim That They Have Seen A Giant 8 Lake Man Walking Through The High Mountains Although There Is No Documented Proof So Scientists Believe That The Yeti Is No More Than A Misidentified Wild Animal 

But The Newest Set Of Pictures Released By The Army Raised Questions About Yetis Existence Again The Pictures Have Been Sent To The Experts For Scientific Evaluation Until Then We Have To Wait With Our Fingers Crossed Do Let Us Know If You Believe Yetis Exists Or Not

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