Earth day

Earth day
Earth day

Today is a very special day where we celebrate the beauty of Earth day and the beauty of nature this is our home this is where we live and earth and nature provide us with everything that we need to live she gives us to water it gives us food but it also gives us places to relax beauty.

And it gives us a lot of inspiration unfortunately in the last Earth day 150 years humanity less and less was living in harmony with nature we industrialized our planet we started to consume more and

More things and now after quite some 150 years we came to a point where nature and Earth day  is telling us that we have to change one of the clearest signals is the change in climate and we all can experience it last year 2018 we had record-breaking droughts we had record wildfires around

The globe we had heatwaves the outlook of nature in this year 2019 is grave there is no easy solution for us what we can do but there are ways and means how we can adjust ourselves to the change which happening already one thing is we

All are where we have to change our lifestyle we cannot go on buying things consume things use things as we did in the old Earth days people have to change lifestyle and reduce their carbon footprint there are many ways what we can do we can save water

We can reduce consumption of clot go vegetarian avoid plastic turn scraps into compost conserve energy turn off your  lights and gadgets when not in use turn off the water while brushing your teeth and Earth day shaving use dry wreck instead of dryers take

Earth day short showers and safe water gold paperless make use of solar energy we can join hands when we travel and go by bus or we can go by train which is very environmentally friendly flights are not very nice cars are not very nice they create a lot of pollution.

So there are many ways where we can help nature Earth day we have to wake up inside to the change which is needed on the outside, therefore, we have Earth day to empower our self we have to become strong-willed and we have to become an example for others

We have to become a changemaker how to do that I’m meditating since many many years and science also confirmed meanwhile when you meditate regularly you’re able to change on the inside and

That’s Earth day what needed to safeguard and protect mother nature and Mother Earth day we have to change our lifestyle Earth day we have to change our attitude we have to help and live in harmony with nature and the environment and not exploit it

What we have done in the past, therefore, let us all join hands let us all open Earth day our heart to the need of the Earth day time let us meditate for earth let us create good vibrations good thoughts loving thoughts for our self our friends and for

Earth let us heal our-self and let us heal also earth let us change our action let us change our attitudes yoga and meditation is a very powerful means to achieve that it is helping to change my behavior my habits and my attitudes let us all join hands in this task to create a better world. 

She is the smell of Earth 

After the first rain the new shimmering on a blade of grass she is the design in every snowflake she is the first leaf to fall in autumn she is the summer breeze on the nape of the neck and the bite of the winter chill she’s the howl of the desert wind

The heart volcano you have basked in her benevolence may you never know her fury for she is as fierce as she is gentle she is flamboyant she is fragile she is feisty she is resilient she has been here eons before us and in her is a wisdom that will about him she is the live camera she’s home she’s the mother she is the greatest hero of them.
All happy Earth Day from Manoj date

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