Women’s sports career

Women's sports career
Women’s sports career

Sports is such a field where 

The difference between salary and salary of women sports careers and men is the biggest difference. There is no difference in politics, business, medicine, even academics. Perhaps that’s why the

important players who meet the male players do not get the female players doing much more than they do. It has a profound effect on the decision to become a woman player, that is, choosing a career as a sportsman. When a girl wants to make the game a career, the family does not take it either seriously or else.

There are also obstacles to that girl. If I talk about myself, the world calls me the great PT Usha but the hurdles were not even less in my part. It started with my nomenclature. I am the second child of my parents.

At the time of my birth, my grandparents were reading stories of Mahabharata and that is why they named me Usha. The family was quite religious, so 28 days after my birth, according to customs, my horoscope was made, which said that I will earn a lot of names and money. Women’s sports career The family got worried as soon

as they heard this and the debate began because 56 years ago people believed that only men can earn a name. Women’s sports career If the woman gets fame, then there will be something wrong with it. My horoscope had said

that Usha would be the world-bearer of not only the family but the whole nation’s brightness. Upon hearing this my family assumed that I would be very good in studies and they dreamed of becoming my doctor, engineer or lawyer. My tilt was towards the game. I started winning a medal, my teachers began practicing my practice and started preparing a player.

When I reached seventh grade in 1976, the Government of Kerala started Sports School in Kannur. In the admission test, my parents allowed me hardly, in which I came first in the whole state. Nevertheless, Father refused to take admission in Sports School,

because he was seven kilometers away from my house. When Dad forbade me to go, I cried a lot, I even stopped eating and drinking but, do not believe in sin. Someone said that if the girl alone is caught in wrongdoing, you will be very sad.

But, mother gave me a lot of support. He gave a reply to everyone and said that if my daughter goes on the wrong path, then the charge will be against me. My mother took a week to convince Papa that she let me go to Sports School. | After some years,

I asked the father why did you stop me from going to a sports school? He told me that I have five daughters and a son. Among the daughters, you are the most beautiful and thin, but others are beautiful and beautiful. If there is a serious loss to the body in sports then who will marry you? You will not get any job too.

It was a matter of time when I had become a national champion and was in class X. Then I asked how do you feel now? Then he proudly said I am very happy. Women’s sports career That today I know all by your name, but I am still upset that if something happens to you? Then I came to understand that the thinking of an ordinary father is similar.

Today the atmosphere has changed, the girls are making names everywhere. The point of equality has started to be overwhelming but, most of the women of our country have not been able to stand on their feet even today.

There is still 50 percent of women participants in the Olympics. For the first time in 2012, women sports careers were allowed to play in every Olympic games. | Among all this, stories of male player abusive stories are revealed to women players. I’m lucky that I am quite a good athlete

sports career

And there was an opportunity to practice with the coach. They treated me as a sister and used to help me a lot. He never abused me with me. In contrast, due to my achievements, Ishwya’s behavior was disappointing for women players.

At the 1980 National Camp, there were very few female athletes, so my coach called male athletes for practice. I beat them all in the 50 and 60 meters race. Next time he refused to co-operate in practice. They did not want to lose their courage by losing. This is the reason why I practiced alone in 24-25 years of career.

There was no running with me. People say that this is a girl who harbors boys. | I have visited more than 90 countries in my life. And there shared that experience with women. I went to Pakistan in 1980, there is not such a bad situation for women. In those days, the women ran with me wearing trousers,

but in our country even when the girl comes wearing trousers, then the question is whether it is a girls’ work. I believe that it is not the job of Women’s sports career to cook food, raise children, and take care of their husbands. We have a crucial role to play in the country. If male colleagues in

your home father, brother or office try to put pressure on you, then you stop them there, I think this is one way to bring change in society. First comes in the principles of my life. Patience. To achieve something big in life, it is very important to be patient. After this, hard work. Without it, you will not be able to give 100 percent.

At the end comes the pleasure By spending time with family, I enjoy family happiness as much as possible. I would like to give a message to our society that you give full support to your daughters. If you have support then they are in life. Women’s sports career Can achieve anything.

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