Automation technology


Automation is that the technology by that a method or procedure is performed with minimum human help. Implementation of automation technology leads to higher productivity, responsibleness, accessibility, and hyperbolic performance and may cut back operative prices.

Major advantages of Automation

   Cost Reduction

Every organization in today’s time is facing world pressure to extend their profit. The profits of any enterprise are hyperbolic not solely by generating additional revenue however additionally by reducing the operational prices at numerous levels.


Automation technology may be a higher Associate in Nursingd an additional intelligent approach to extend productivity in an economical approach and supply the very best output with quantity} amount of paying.


Automation is precise and repeatable. This ensures that the output is made with identical specifications and methods when. Repairs are few and much due to Automation.


With the rise in production, responsibleness, and reduction in operational prices, you may shortly observe Associate in Nursing improvement within the overall performance of the organization all told aspects.

  Obstacles in Achieving machine-controlled Operations

If you don’t have a correct strategy for braving employees issues and managing employees’ participation, it’ll undoubtedly result in the failure in implementing Automation Technologies, since several staff. read automation as an on the spot threat to their support. Some staff avoids undergoing coaching for the correct adoption of this new technology.
It is additionally seen in several cases wherever staff need the implementation of this new technology, however, management isn’t interested as a whole implementation of Automation Technologies needs significant just one occasion prices that they are doing not want in contact and may even be seen as a significant obstacle.


From management’s perspective, responsibleness, productivity, performance, and value reduction are powerful arguments for implementing Automation Technology. However, achieving the advantages of Automation Technology needs the discipline to beat the obstacles. As long as you perceive, anticipate, and balance these obstacles against the potential advantages of automation, obstacles won’t interrupt your plans

           ·         Discoveries and Inventions
           ·         Automation Technology
           ·         performed with minimum human help
           ·         automation technology results
           ·         higher productivity, responsibleness
           ·         availability, and hyperbolic performance
           ·         reduce operative prices
           ·         Benefits of Automation
           ·         Cost Reduction
           ·        Productivity
           ·         Performance
           ·         Obstacles in Achieving machine-controlled Operations
           ·         requires discipline to beat the obstacles

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