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The long black hair, a scary picture of a female sculpture with a raised eye and a grin on the face of her the face has kept the Internet in the last few years. But the character named Momo has recently started infiltrating YouTube videos made for children and is apparently promoting suicides and other dangerous activities.

According to several reports, children are watching Pappa Pig and Fortnight video, which prompts Momo to self-harm the audience or to perform other dangerous stunts. Manchester Evening News reported that the U.K. A primary school of education warns parents, “These video clips are appearing on many social media sites and YouTube (including Kids YouTuber).

For example, at the beginning of the Pappa Pig episode, one of the videos was unknowingly Begins, but with violence and aggressive language quickly changes … In the examples we have taken in school, children have to turn on the gas or the table A UK mother told Daily Mail that her 8-year-old son began to see Momo in some of the videos she watched.

Lyn Dixon said that her child was afraid of darkness Dickson told the newspaper, “He showed me an image of [Momo] face on my phone and said that he had to go to the kitchen drawer and take out a knife and put it in his neck.


“We have told him that this is a load of crap and there are bad people who do bad things but it is very frightening, it is very frightening … he was nervous and his bed But we were not sleeping and then we reached the bottom. 

And we explained that this was not real. “Other police officers, however, warn against the MOO challenge, which is actually run by hackers in search of information and data. The Northern Ireland Police Service has written on Facebook, “As she sees, c Momo” is not going to crawl your child’s phone and kill them. 

The danger with your child either orders of any application Feeling pressure to follow or by the pressure of the chat rooms and such peers. This is just an ongoing, meditation that is online communication for children. In 2017 it was the ‘Blue Whale’, now it is Fire.

Must be something else. 

According to Know Your Memory, the pictures of sculpture were first shown on Instagram in 2016, and by 2018, Momo WhatsApp, similar to the Blue Whale Challenge, was being used as a troubling suicide challenge game. 
The game has been blamedfor juvenile and pre-teen suicide in Argentina, France, and Belgium, although it is unclear whether there is any link between mom and death. Momo made his way to 

YouTube last year because many product manufacturers created 3am Momo challenges. Some of those videos get millions of views, social media, News

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