‘Trolls World Tour’: Will The Movie Profit Off Universal’s


‘Trolls World Tour’: Will The Movie Profit Off Universal’s
‘Trolls World Tour’: Will The Movie Profit Off Universal’s 

Will ‘Trolls World Tour’ Profit Off Universal’s Experimental VOD (& Drive-In Theater) Model?

watch trolls world tour is a new release movie thanks to Universal they released this movie on VOD and its original theatrical release date 
so in a way trolls world tour has made history this movie is gonna be in the history books for at least that so this is the sequel to the surprisingly successful film 
that came out in the sequel to 2016 when everyone was making movies about things a trend that may have finally died 
last year when Playmobil the movie came out and nobody saw it so poppy and branch 
discover that the pop trolls are one of six different troll tribes scattered over six different lands devoted to six different kinds of music funk country 
techno classical pop and rock all six have their own strings that are supposed to join together for one musical instrument whoever wields all of 
the strings have all of the power that being Thanos of course and queen barb of The Rock trolls is trying to steal all of the strings and wield that power 
I must say even though it’s this movie it feels really nice to be talking about a new release I haven’t talked about a new release in a while due to trolls world tour 
to what’s going on right now and even though I wasn’t able to see this in theaters it was nice to be able to see the movie at home because this is not 
the type of film trolls world tour I am dying to see on a giant theater screen surrounded by screaming children, in fact, it was probably a blessing that 
I got to watch this at home with my wife and just kind of laugh at the absurdity of the whole thing I briefly mentioned it but this is obviously a riff on the Infinity Stones that Thanos is 
trying to gather and it’s kind of hard to miss especially when it’s coming out right after endgame it’s a little shameless it’s not really James Corden
that much of a parody it’s just obvious that’s what they’re going for and they couldn’t really figure out what to do with this movie you can tell for a lot of the watch trolls world tour film 
the first 10 minutes of the movie is basically a bunch of pop cover songs, in the beginning, there’s a storybook voiceover 
that sums up the previous film trolls world tour just in case you forgot followed by a lot of covers and that’s one of 
the mary j blige biggest weaknesses of this the movie actually those cover songs usually in animated musicals tv-shows trolls world tour
the songs tell the narrative they’re original they’re away for the characters to express their emotions how they’re feeling in 
that moment and you can experience their arc through their songs sometimes but in the case of this movie the majority of the songs are all covers from the 80s 90s and early 2000s 
so the overabundant song sequences that are almost constant and never-ending don’t do anything for the characters they’re just meant to 
make kids feel like they’re experiencing constant sensation never getting bored as well as filling a lucrative soundtrack album a cover here and there is fine 
but when your entire movie feels like nothing but cover songs it can feel like a really empty experience the film’s message is one of diversity and acceptance it’s telling a story where the different music tribes 
all only like their music they don’t like anyone else’s music and the thought of joining their music with anyone else’s music terrifies them 
and so it’s a lot of different tribes that are separated from each other and of course 
the message is everyone should join their music and be united good message for kids to hear but this movie trolls world tour does not do it in a subtle way, in fact, it’s kind of like
 Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake are in your ears screaming at you the whole movie and you wish you had 
the gumdrop earplugs that they use throughout the movie in fact if you’re a parent showing your kids 
this movie over the next few weeks you’re gonna wish you had those gumdrop earplugs the animation is obviously going to be great DreamWorks always does 
good stuff their animation looks beautiful it’s very colorful it does feel like a drug trip you could probably watch this movie high or drunk and it would definitely enhance the experience but it just doesn’t feel like it’s a movie 
that earns its existence except for the fact that the first film made money kids liked it and it had a huge hit pop song at its center that I heard on 
the radio a thousand times a day every day for like two years and that was great the story of the movie is so bare-bones and it’s centered around one message and one character that is so gratingly annoying 
that can’t make one right decision to save her life that being Anna Kendrick’s poppy the film trolls world tour just doesn’t really feel like it has a reason to be a story and that’s why there are 
so many cover songs throughout the course of the movie where the trolls world tour just start singing because they don’t know what else to do but talk about that character Papi throughout this entire 
the film trolls world tour she makes every wrong decision that you could possibly make she’s so naive and so annoying you can see it from the very first wrong decision she makes and you’re just pulling your hair out 
every time she makes a decision and the characters all around her are also going hey you’re making dumb decisions and she’s like I don’t give a shit I’m the queen of pop and I’m a cool little toy troll thing and I’m gonna 
I’m taking this too seriously it’s a type of movie trolls world tour that’s constantly on something is always happening it’s never down the energy is always 
the time the ending rolls around and it gets so strangely dramatic all of a sudden and more unearned and very awkward cringe-worthy scenes it was kind of hard to sit through 
I was sitting there with my wife and we were actually like locking up somebody does something somebody says something this is weird why is smooth jazz
this still happening oh my god I don’t feel anything stop pushing all of that aside honestly if you are at home right now and you have nothing else to do like most of us right now I’m sure 
there are worse things you could show your kids aside from sticking some songs into their head that they’re going to be singing for the next few weeks and annoying the shit out of you possibly 
this movie isn’t gonna do any damage it’s just not for me and probably isn’t for most of the people who view my channel but if you really loved 
the first trolls world tour movie this is definitely not going to offend you it’s probably going to give you exactly what you wanted but if you’re like me it’s not necessary to watch this at 
all and it doesn’t earn its strangeness you know like the lego movie is a movie that felt unnecessary and then when we watched  
Walt Dohrn, it was strangely clever and really well made and it earned being a movie the trolls movie made money I don’t really think for the viewer that earns watching 
the second one for DreamWorks ok they made another one because of money but for everyone else, it’s another movie to be inundated with a lot of cover songs where you would rather listen to 
the originals and it’s yet another toy or thing product movie that is gonna be forgotten in like a month if even I’m gonna give 
trolls world tour a c-minus still it is kind of strange that this movie could perhaps be mentioned throughout film history as 
a film that was going to go to theaters but move to VOD on the same day because of everything that’s queen barb Rachel bloom
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