strange disease of not hearing men’s sound

strange disease of not hearing men's sound
hearing men’s sound

The strange disease of not hearing men’s sound

To date, you must have heard of many diseases, but today a woman is going to tell about a strange disease which you may not believe, but the news is absolutely true due to its peculiar disease, But being quite viral,

I have heard that only a woman’s voice has been heard by a woman, not a man in China, she does not hear the voice of men It is neither rumor nor reality but this is the situation in China that is undergoing the condition of the living condition of the country. That prevents him from listening to men’s voices, the Chinese woman’s name is Chain,

Who lives in Giamen

Hearing men’s sound

According to a report, when one morning (Chen) got up, he did not hear the voice of his boyfriend, he was speaking but Chain was not listening to anything. On the night before, he had heard a bell ringing in his ear. It was also vomited that Chan was taken to the hospital where his ear was unable to catch the sound of low frequency. 

This condition is called low franchises. Because of this, the voices of women are not being heard by the voice of men. Spacelist of the ear-nose and throat (ing) checked up the social media chain and found that it is a problem with reverse people. 

It is also called low-frequency hearing loss. I.e. difficulty hearing the sound heard in a low frequency. Most people have trouble listening to them, they suffer from the problem of the truth and the sound of their sound

They mean they have trouble listening to the loud voice that people return to Fair in Glass, Low-Frequency Hairing Also known as is the difficulty in listening to the world below.
 Not hearing men’s sound

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