how to study more efficiently Study Techniques

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how to study more efficiently Study Techniques
how to study more efficiently Study Techniques
how to study more efficiently Study Techniques



Feynman Trick

Hello friends, today I will tell you such a technique that some turning point is going to come in your life, everyone wants that we should remember what we read and understand so well that we have never forgotten and used it This can happen at the right place, it happens often in student life, in such a way, if you study with the Feynman technique, then all the concept players can be done.


Know about these techniques Feynman technology is a mental model that has been the winner of the knowledge price Richard Feynman designed and with the help of this model, the most difficult topics can be understood or explained in this very simple way. Any topic can be easily understood by following 4 simple steps in Technic.

1) Take any topic that you want to understand and start reading it, write everything you know about this topic in 1 notebook and immediately note it in the notebook when you get any new information while reading. Take it.

 2) Imagine that you are going to teach a classroom, so L be ready to explain your topic in the easy topic.

 3) Now start understanding the topic and wherever you have trouble in understanding it, immediately write it in your book at the same time and keep doing it till you can easily explain your complete copy without getting stuck.

 4)Once you have done this, repeat the same process and keep in mind that your topic is prepared in very simple and understandable language and you are able to understand every term of this topic, by adopting this technique, you can study your way of studying. Can make it easier.

So try this Feynman trick today without delay, if you like the information was given by us, then share it like share.

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